Septic And Sewer Care

How to Care for your Septic System and Sewer Lines:

The proper septic and sewer care can save you a lot of money in the future. New tanks and leach fields can be expensive projects but with a little maintenance you can increase the life of your tank and leach field. Clogged sewer lines can also be prevented with a little maintenance as well. Below are some tips on maintaining your septic system or sewer lines.


  1. Use Water Efficiently:
    septic and sewer care
    Using less water means less stress on the septic system, helping it operate properly.

    •  Install high efficiency showerheads
    •  Turn off faucets while shaving or brushing your teeth
    •  Run dishwashers or cloth washers only when full
    •  Maintain your plumbing and eliminate leaks
    •  Install aerators in faucets
    •  Replace old dishwashers, toilets and cloth washers with new high efficient ones

      2.Flush Only Human Waste & Toilet Paper
        Don’t use the toilet as a trash can

  1. Things To Never Flush Or Put Down Your Drain or Toilet:
    •  Flushable wipes                   •  Coffee Grounds
    •  Diapers                                 •  Grease & fat
    •  Sanitary products                 •  Cooking oils
    •  Dental floss                          •  Cigarette butts
    •  Paper towels                        •  Cat liter

Bacteria in most cases are not good, but with septic tanks, they are needed to break down waste. Septic systems are not designed to treat hazardous chemicals, like the ones below.  These chemicals can diminish the effectiveness of your system.

The following should never be put down drains or toilets as they kill bacteria in the septic tank and in the public sewer system they pollute ground water and lakes.

  • Household chemicals and cleaners
    •  Medication and beauty products
    •  Paint, stains, and solvents
    •  Gasoline and oil
    •  Lawn care products
    •  Antifreeze

How To Maintain Your Septic System With The Proper Septic & Sewer Care
1. Regularly pump your tank:

• If you don’t pump your tank routinely, the solids in the bottom can build up and make their way out into your leach field, clogging it and eventually ruining it. You might not know you have a problem until it is too late and you need a new leach field.
• For a family of four, you should have your tank pumped every two to three years, a smaller family should not go longer than four to five years

  1. Care for your leachfield:
    • Plant only grass or ground cover with shallow roots.  Deep roots from trees and larger shrubs can clog or damage the leachfield
    • Divert downspouts and other surface water away from your leachfield
  • Only irrigate grass to establish
  • Don’t drive or park vehicles on your leachfield or compact the soil in any way.

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