Septic Inspections for Real Estate

Septic Inspection

Septic Inspections

Septic Inspections For Real Estate Transactions

We offer septic inspections for real estate transactions to assess existing sewage disposal systems.  Current water usage affects the outcome of an inspection.  If a home is unoccupied, the liquid level in the septic tank might be below normal and the system’s operating condition cannot be determined.  We will recommend steps to simulate family water usage, this will allow a more accurate septic inspection to be performed.

The Process

During a septic inspection, our technician will locate your tank, remove sod over the access lid to open and view the operating wastewater level. Then the septic tank will be emptied via the vacuum truck. Because of this process, it allows the technician to visually inspect, the condition of the tank, the inflow and outflow baffles, lid and the leach field area.

Physical Condition

We inspect the physical condition of the septic tank and lid. It should be noted that all steel septic tanks will need to be replaced.. If there appears to be any structural compromise to a tank, it will also be a reason for replacement

Replacement of the  inflow or outflow baffles will be need if they are missing. The purpose of an inflow baffle is to direct the wastewater down into the tank which helps the wastewater settle inside the tank to prevent agitation of solids . The purpose of an outflow baffle is to prevent the solids from leaving the septic tank and destroying the leach field .

Sump Pump Inspection

Our technician will also inspect the sump pump in your basement if applicable.  The sump pump must discharge ground water away from the septic system. We will also inspect laundry waste for acceptable discharge. It is especially relevant  that your laundry waste  be connected directly to the septic tank. It is also important to note that it is not acceptable to use a sump pump as a pump for laundry waste.

After the septic inspection is complete, a report will be provided for the property transfer.   

For more information on septic tank inspections, please fill out the form below.  Someone will get back to you within 48 hours. For immediate information please call (585) 265-0277.

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